Stupid jokes

We have selected 20 stupid jokes. These stupid jokes will surely make you laugh and we guarantee that you will enjoy them. Stupid jokes are known for being banal, but with a surprising turn that comes with a bit of truth.

Stupid jokes 1-10

1) A dwarf enters a tavern.
– What is blue and smells like red paint?
– Blue paint!


2) The bright Jew to a girl at a discotheque.
– “Do you have some Jew in you?”
– “No!”
– “Do you want some?”


3) The congress regarding hypochondria was cancelled due to illness.


4) You have it in your hand, it is stiff and now you have it in your mouth. Suddenly something white exits your mouth. You are happy and you laugh and you put the tooth brush back on its shelf!


5) A diver got fired because he was too shallow.
But he got hired again, because that led him to really hit the bottom.


6) A man enters a taxi with a hot dog.
– Excuse me, this is not a restaurant!
– I know. That’s why I brought my own food!


7) The two freckled twins really looked alike. The similarity was spotless!


8) Which body part do you use when you masturbate?
– The ears of course, in order to hear if anyone is coming!


9) The wife: Shall we not eat out today?
– Are you crazy? It is freezing outside!


10) ”You should be ashamed” the dad said… ”When Obama was your age, then he walked 10 miles to school every day”.
”Okay?” the son replied, ”But when Obama was your age he was already president!”.


Stupid jokes 11-20

11) What do you get if you cross a joke with a motorcycle?
– A Yamahahaha.


12) You have such nice flowers, what are they called?
– Anderson.


13) A frightened tourist looks around and says: “Are there still bats in this cave?”
The guide: “No, you don’t have to worry. The snakes have eaten them!”


14) – “Dad, who is this Columbus character?”
– “But son, do you not pay attention during math class?”


15) A young couple was lying in a bush having sex, when suddenly a park ranger came by to their great surprise.
“I can either give you a citation for fornicating in the park, or I can let you go if I get to do an ass-fuck as well.”
The young woman seemed relieved and laughed. But the young boy looked at him suspiciously and answered:
“I am not really comfortable with that, I’ve never been with a man before!”


16) A man was painting his car black when the neighbor suddenly came by, ”Is it not unwise to paint it if you are going to sell it tomorrow?”, the neighbor asks.
– “Don’t worry. I’ve heard that I can double the amount I’m going to charge if I sell the car on the black market!”


17) Can I order a table?
– “No, I’m sorry. We do not sell furniture.”


18) Two girls are talking about sex. Suddenly one of them asks:
– “Do you smoke after sex?”
– “I don’t know, I’ve never tried it!”


19) Brian, can I borrow your phone? Mine is a bit phony.


20) Miss Anderson hired a couple of painters and one morning she tells one of them:
– “Beware that you don’t fall down, because I had a dream about that last night.”
– “Madam, you should never believe such dreams. The last three nights I’ve had the dream that you are going to offer me a cup of coffee.”