Riddles with answers

Riddles with answers – do you know the answers to all the riddles?

We have hidden the answers so that you will not be able to see them before you have been able to read through the questions and thought about it. When you think that you know the answer you can press the arrow to get the correct answer, to see if you knew it or not.

There are three different difficulty levels to the riddles; easy, medium and hard.


1. The taxi riddle (hard)
A taxi was involved in an accident one night and neither name nor address was known. In the city there were only yellow and blue taxis. 85% of them are yellow and the rest 15% are blue. A witness saw the accident and says in court that the taxi was blue. Tests are performed with the witness which show that the witness can distinguish between the yellow and the blue taxi in 80% of the cases. During the rest of the 20% the witness is mistaken.
– What is the probability that a blue taxi was involved in the accident if we know that the witness saw a blue taxi?
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There is a 41% probability that the witness is correct and that it was a blue taxi
There is a 12 % (80 % x 15 %) probability that the witness was correct in seeing a blue taxi.
There is a 17 % (20 % x 85 %) probability that the witness claims seeing a blue taxi, but that it in reality was yellow.
Hence there is a  29 % (12 % + 17 %) probability that the witness says that the taxi was blue.
Hence there is a  41 % (12 % / 29 %) probability that the witness correctly has identified a blue taxi.

2. Months and days (simple)
Some months have 30 days and others have 31 days. How many have 28 days?
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12 months – All months have at least 28 days


3. The bear (simple)
A person has a square house. All the sides are turned towards the south. A bear walks by the house.
What is the color of the bear?
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The house is on the North pole, since all the sides are turned towards the South. So the answer is a white bear (On the North pole there are only white bears)


4. The doctor and the medicine (medium)
If a doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one each 30 minutes. How long time will it take before you take the last pill?
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The answer is one hour. You take the first pill now and next one in half an hour. The third and last pill you will take in one hour.


5. The days of the week (medium)
Are you able to name 3 days in a row? You are not allowed to use the words; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
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Yesterday, today and tomorrow


6. Apple transport (difficult)
You have 3000 apples in banana country. You are to move as many apples as possible from the banana country to the apple country. There’s 1000 km between the two countries.
It will cost you one apple each time you move one km towards the apple country. It is however free to return to the banana country.
– How man apples will you at a maximum be able to bring with you to the apple country?Press here to see the answer

833 apples
Step one: You go three trips where each one is 333 km, with 1000 apples. Then you will have  2.001 apples left and 667 km left.
Step two: You go three trips where each one is 500 km, with 1.000 apples. Then you will have 1.000 apples left and 167 km left to the apple country.
Step three: Eventually you take the 1.000 apples the last 167 km and so then you will have 833 apples when you reach the apple country.


7. The hunter family (simple)
Two fathers and two sons were on a hunting trip and together they shot three ducks. They split equally and each of them got one duck. How can this be?
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They were only three. One son, one dad and one granddad


8. The logical overtaking (simple)
If you are in a race and run past the one who is on second place. Which place will you then be at?
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2nd place!


9. The farmer who looses his animals (simple)
A farmer has 10 sheep. Unfortunately all of them except for 9 dies. How many has he got left?
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Nine of course. All of them except for 9 dies!


10. Are you able to count 1 (medium)
Divide 100 with ½ and add 10. What do you get?
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The answer is 210. Because 100 divided by ½ is 200.


11. Are you able to count 2 (simple)
How many times can you subtract 5 from 25?
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The answer is 1 time. When you subtract 5 from 25 then you get 20. The next time you will be subtracting from 20.


12. The dad and his sons (simple)
Bryan’s dad has 3 sons, the first one is Matt, the second one is Chad, what is the name of the last son??
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Bryan. It is Bryan’s dad who has 3 sons.


13. Animals on the ark (simple)
How many different animals are there on the Ark of Moses?
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None. The ark belonged to Noah


14. The son (medium)
“You are my son. But I am not your father.” Who said this?
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Your mother