Racist jokes

Regardless of geography, color of skin or beliefs, it might be the case that these racist jokes will make you uncomfortable. They are pointing towards all kinds of people, and not meant as any kind of hate speech. We at the editorial department are not racists and we do not encourage racist acts by publishing these jokes – quite the opposite!
With that being said we have selected our 30 best and funniest jokes below. We remind you that we post these to spark a smile on you all. 🙂

Racist jokes 1 – 10


1. What is the most common gift on mother’s day in Turkey?
– Shaving cream.

2. On which foreign market should you not gamble?
– Ethiopia; you are never hungry for the fun of it.

3. What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza?
– A pizza does not scream when you put it in the oven.

4. Immigrants have at times been complaining why there are too few TV programs with immigrants as a topic.
– The TV-channels apologize for this and hereby commit to broadcast “cops” at an increased frequency from now on.

5. What is the difference between a hard penis and an asylum seeker?
– One of them is really hard to get in and the other one is really hard to get out.

6. What do you call a Turk with a wooden leg?
– A stick with shit.

7. What is the similarity between steroids and the KKK?
– Both of them get black people to run faster..

8. What was the fastest means of transportation during the second world war?
– A Jew on a bicycle through Germany.

9. Why did Hitler commit suicide?
– He saw the gas bill.

10. ”I all the time get text messages regarding my pit-bull which during the last weekend killed four Somalis, three Pakistanis and 4 Turks.
– For the last time: “IT IS NOT FOR SALE”

Racist jokes 11 – 20

11. Muhammed to the doctor: ”Each time I have sex with a white girl my eyes hurt”
– Well, the doctor says, You are probably allergic to pepper spray..

12. A Turk was in court because he had infected 10 blondes with AIDS
The judge: Did you not warn them?
– Yes, I said: I will AID(s) with my dick, but they did not listen.

13. Did you know that immigrants are such friendly people?
– They always come in groups and ask: “Do you have a problem?”

14. What do you call a Chinese rapper?
– Vanilla Rice.

15. The Thai girl got it hard in the ass, so she hit the end of the bed and knocked out her front teeth.
The guy: ”I am so sorry, I will compensate you!”
She then replied: ”Don’t worry, it’s only my milk teeth.

16. What happens when a Jew with a stiff penis walks into a wall?
– He breaks his nose.

17. What is the similarity between a penis and an immigrant?
– You feel a sense of relief when they are done and have exited.

18. Last night a bomb was detected outside a Mosque in Chicago.
– The police told everyone not to worry, since they were able to push it into the building..

19. If two Pakistanis and one black guy are sitting in a car. Who is driving?
– A white cop.

20. How was the steel wire invented?
– Two Jews were fighting over the same nickel.

Racist jokes 21 – 30

21. Little Mohammad asks his mother: “Mom, I have the biggest penis in all of third grade, Is it because I’m black?
–  No, little Mohammad. It is because you are 19 years old.

22. Why are Muslims so poor?
– Because alloy rims are so expensive.

23. Why do not Somalis go to the movies?
– They can not hold the seats down…

24. How long does a visit to the bathroom take for an immigrant woman?
– Nine months.

25. Why do Jews watch porn movies in reverse?
– They cum when they see the whore giving the man back his money.

26. What should you do when you see an immigrant with one leg?
– Stop laughing and load your rifle.

27. What is the quickest west on two legs?
– A chicken in Somalia.

28. What is long and reeks of garlic?
– The train to the suburbs.

29. How do you kill two flies with one swat?
– You hit a Somali in the eye.

30. A Turkish girl is called to the teacher:
– “That was a really good essay. Now you write like a real American!”
The girl goes home to her parents: “Mom, mom! I got the highest grade and my teacher now says that I’m a real American!” – WHAM. She get’s a slap. She goes to her dad and the same thing happens.

Next day in school
The teacher: ”So how does it feel to be a real American?”
The girl: ”Pretty lame! I’ve already been beaten up by two immigrant bastards.”