Pickup lines

We have gathered some pickup lines which will really make you laugh. Some of them are really bad, which makes it extra funny even though it will certainly bother most of the women who get “approached” with them. A large part of these pickup lines are however interesting and they might help you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Top 20 chosen pickup lines

Pickup lines 1-10

1. I can not find my lip balm, would you be so kind to moisten my lips?


2. Are you good at playing the guitar? After all, you have a G-string…


3. I am not Tom Cruise, but I can take you on one!


4. Are you familiar with the expression that the sour always goes with the sweet? I always take the sweet!


5. You shall not say that you love me before we get to your place.


6. If you are a Christian, then I am the answer to your prayers!


7. I have a nice painting hanging over my bed. Do you want to see it?


8. Hello! The voices in my head told me that you wanted to speak to me!


9. What do you want for breakfast in the morning?


10. Excuse me, but you have lipstick on your teeth. I can help you lick it off!



Pickup linesย 11-20


11. My name is Bond, James Bond!


12. If this was a meat market then you would have been the tenderloin..


13. Do you eat Kellogg’s Frosties? Because you awaken the tiger in me..


14. Hey, I really loved you on Baywatch last night..


15. Are you a model?


16. There is a private party going on in my pants, and you are invited.


17. I am here with the band.


18. Can I get your mother’s telephone number? So that I can call and thank her!


19. I have bet 20 dollars with my friends that I can win you over… So shall we share the money?


20. What, you don’t want to sit on me?

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