Mother-in-law jokes 1 – 10

1. Can you imagine that when my mother-in-law was going to be buried they had to pull her up and down three times until people had stopped applauding!

2. My mother says that she will die if I marry you!
– Thanks, that will be the perfect wedding gift…!

3. Little Lindsay:
-“It was good that you came by grandma – because this morning dad said that you visiting was the only thing missing…”

4. Two men are standing in a corner talking and one of them asks: “What is the most dangerous your mother-in-law has done?
The man replies: “She has given birth to my wife”

5. What falls slowly towards the earth and doesn’t stop falling until it reaches hell?
– Your mother-in-law who has escaped paradise!

6. The ferry was about to sink and a man was standing frightened in a life boat and promised 1000 dollars to the one who was willing to rescue his wife.
– A couple of other men in the life boat hear this call and jump into the water to find his wife. A couple of minutes later one of them returns with an exhausted woman.
– Here she is – now give me the 1000 dollars!
– That is not my wife. That is my mother-in-law…
– Crap… so how much do I owe you?

7. Did the defendant hit his mother-in-law?
– Yes, your honor!
– Why did you not intervene?
– It looked like her could take care of her himself!

8. The senile mother-in-law is he perfect mother-in law.
– When she comes in a taxi you just walk out and say: Thanks for visiting. Have a nice trip back home!

9. A man tried to drown his sorrow, but it did not work…his mother-in-law could swim!!

10. What is the difference between a mother-in-law and a vulture?
– Vultures only attack when you are dead.


Jokes about mother-in-law 11 – 20

11. In court:
– Are they previously convicted?
– The last summer my mother-in-law stayed with us for two months!!

12. Every Christmas I get sick and it lasts for around a week. But then my mother-in-law goes back…

13. I know that you wish me dead, the mother-in-law said, so you will probably jump and dance on my grave…
– That is not gonna happen, you know how much I hate standing in lines…

14. The little boy to his father: “Dad, what was the name of Adam’s mother-in-law?”
– The dad: “He didn’t have a mother-in-law. You do remember he was living in a paradise!”

15. I have just made a really pleasant trip.
– I left of my mother-in-law at the airport.

16. Their mother-in-law has just fallen down into the lions cave…
– “Why don’t they do anything?”
– “No, she has to find her own way out…”

17. I was the one who saved my mother-in-law from drowning.
– Well, do you have any other confessions?

18. My mother-in-law is an angel.
– You are fortunate, mine is still alive…

19. – Hello have I reached 911? My mother in law wants to jump through the window, but I can not open it.