More pickup lines

Here we have gathered the rest of the pickup lines which didn’t reach the top 20.

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Pickup lines 21-30


21. If you cook just as good as you look, I would like to marry you!


22. The time is 10.15 pm and you can regard your virginity as taken!


23. I know a sheet which would love to meet you!


24. I have forgotten my key, can I borrow yours?


25. Do you have magnets in your pockets or are you just very attractive?


26. I have forgotten my number, can I borrow yours?


27. Can you hold the keys to my Ferrari?


28. “Are you a Christian?”
“Then I should mention that you have broken one of the ten commandments”
“Which one?”
“Do not tempt the weak souls…”


29. I have a new bed, do you want to follow me home and see it?


30. Your clothes really look nice. On the floor. In my bedroom.


Pickup lines 31-40


31. Do you know what has got teeth and keeps a wild animal locked up?
“The zipper on my pants.”


32. Do you want to follow me home and eat pizza and have sex? Or maybe you do not like pizza?


33. You are very sweet! Do you want to follow me home and be the sugar in my coffee!


34. Is your mom a thief? Because she has stolen such pretty stars and put them in your eyes!


35. “Do you have a nickel?”
“Yes, why?”
“Because I promised my mother that I would call if I sleep at someone’s place!”


36. I have lost my teddy bear, can I hold you tonight?


37. Are you a thief? Because you have just stolen my heart.


38. Can you show me the way to your heart?


39. Have you got a name? Or can I just call you mine?


40. Hello, my name is…… You can actually learn it right away because you will be screaming it tonight!

Pickup lines 41-50


41. I’ve heard that sex is good for loosing weight. Shall we loose weight together?


42. My doctor has told me to have sex at least once a day, but preferably twice, please help me!


43. You gotta have a lot of iron in your body, because you are so attractive.


44. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or shall I walk by you again?


45. Have I got sugar in my eyes or are you just sweet?


46. Is your name “Gillette” cause you’re the best a man can get!


47. What is that in your face? It has to be beauty. I’ll wipe it of.. No, it is stuck..


48. Have you always been this sweet or did you practice?


49. If you think that my eyes are pretty, it is just because they are looking at you.


50. Is the sun shining or are you just smiling at me?

Pickup lines 51-60


51. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?


52. Are your legs tired? Because you have been wandering around in my head all day.


53. I was feeling a bit of today, but now after seeing you I really feel turned on!