More dry jokes

This page contains the dry jokes which did not pass the quality inspection, but which still are very dry. These dry jokes are perhaps even more dry, but they are in each case at least very funny.

More dry jokes 21-30

21) A man enters the bank. When it’s the man’s turn, he suddenly puts forth a hen on the counter, while saying that he is going to use it to get a 1000 dollars in this establishment. The lady behind the register gives him a 1000 dollars and the man leaves the bank. “Are you not going to call the police?” a lady asks. “No, I will not” the cashier responds: “He was just cashing a ‘chick’!”


22) A lady enters a store and says that she wants a pack of Tampax.

-”That will be 100 dollars.”

-”I can’t cover this much!”

-”Then maybe you should choose a smaller product!”


23) It won’t go in? Try to suck on it a little bit more, it needs to be moist. It still won’t go in, then try again. If that doesn’t work then suck on it some more. It needs to be moist and point towards the air, that is the way it is supposed to work. (Yes, it is never easy to put a thread through the eye of a needle).


24) Two guys are cooking in the kitchen.
– It really bothers me to use peppers.
– Why is that?
– Because it gets jalapeño business.


25) A boy walks up to his dad and says: How far is it to China?

– I don’t know, but we have a Chinese guy at my work, and he rides his bike every day!


26) My dog hasn’t got a nose.

-Then how about smell?

-The smell is awful!


27) How do you get a fish to spring a smile? You put it in SPRING WATER!


28) What do you call a boomerang that does not return? A stick.


29) What did one grain of sand say to the other one? Help! We are surrounded!


30) Why do women have shorter feet than men? So that they can stand closer to the sink!


More dry jokes 31-40

31) What does a dick with a cold say? Dickachuuu!


32) What is the similarity between a model train and a pair of breasts? They are both made for children, but the older guys are the ones who play with them!


33) Are you having ecological sex?
-Yes, that is why I don’t skeet.


34) What do you call it when there is an extra page in the porn magazine?
-Prolonged playtime!


35) Why are Chinese people yellow? Because they fuck in curry.


36) Why is the Golden Gate Bridge so long? There is one whore on each side sucking the ends.


37) Are cats similar to dogs in some regards?
– No, they are in a totally different CATegory.


38) The police man and the condom.
-”Cover me, I’m going in.”


39) What is the favourite drink of a crocodile?
– Gatorade.


40) What did the little cannibal boy get, who was late for dinner? A cold shoulder.


More dry jokes 41-50

41) Three plants were guessing what they looked like.
– I’m a broccoli and I look like a tree..
– I’m a walnut and I look like a brain..
– I’m a mushroom and I hate this game..


42) What do elves learn in school?
– The elfabet.