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A fly in the soup
– Excuse me, there is a fly in my soup?!
– Yes, but a fly can only drink so much…

The plate is wet
– Excuse me, my plate is wet?!
– Yes, but that is the soup…


The menu
– As you can see, we have pretty much everything on our menu!!
– Yes, I can see that. But can I have a clean one?


Large steaks
– Why do the people at the window get larger steaks?
– Because you can see them from the window…


Tooth picks
– Excuse me, can I have a tooth pick?
– Unfortunately they are all occupied right now. Can you wait a minute?


Not hungry
– I am not that hungry, can I perhaps get just half a plate?
– Sure! We never throw anything away..


Do you drink?
– Excuse me, do you drink?
– No, I do not.
– That is good. Then I can take yours.


The content of the soup
– Excuse me, what is in the soup?
– I do not think you want to know that..


A thumb in the soup
– Excuse me, I have a thumb in my soup?!
– There is nothing to worry about, I just got a little bit burned…


A man at a restaurant
A man enters a restaurant and orders fish.
The waiter walks by and asks: “Well, what do you think about our restaurant?”
The man: “I wish I had come by before”
The waiter: “Hehe, why is that?”
The man: “Then your fish might have been fresh…”


Wedding ring
– Excuse me, but there is a wedding ring in my soup?
– It must belong to the chef, let me know if you also encounter his finger!


Not to brag…
A young man is standing in the bar and says “Not to brag, but I’ve been with all the girls in this neighborhood.. Except for my mother and my sister..”
The waiter leans over the counter and says: “We’ve covered the entire neighborhood together..”


– Excuse me, there is a beetle in my soup?!
– That’s strange! It is usually a fly..


Hearing aid
– Excuse me, there is a hearing aid in my soup?!


– This omelet is inedible…
– Wow, but we have been making omelets since you were born..
– Then why the hell are they not served until now?


The Employee
– How long have you been working as a waiter?
– This is actually my first day.
– Alright, but then you were not the one who took my order..


Broken cup
– Excuse me, but my cup is broken??
– Do not worry. That only means that it is really good coffee!


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