Jew jokes

Read the KILLER jew jokes below. They are the best jokes about jews online, and we bet that they will make you laugh. This site has the top 15 jew jokes.

Selected Jew jokes 1 – 5

1. Hitler
Why did Hitler commit suicide?
– He saw the gas bill!

2. Pizza
What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza?
– The pizza does not scream when it gets put in the oven.

3. Santa Claus
What is the difference between Santa Claus and Jews?
– Santa Claus comes from inside the chimney.

4. Big noses
Why do Jews have such big noses?
– Because the air is free.

5. The car
How do you get 100 Jews into a car?
– You throw in a nickel.
How do you get them out of there?
– Tell them that Hitler is driving the car.

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More funny Jew jokes 6 – 10

6. Faster than sound
What is faster than sound?
– A Jew eating at a buffet.

7. The more the merrier
They say that the more you are, the safer you are.
Unless you are  6 000 000.
And everyone is a Jew.

8. The synagogue
Why are all Jewish synagogues round?
– So that they can not hide in the corners when the guard is making his round.

9. Scouts 
What is the difference between scouts and Jews?
– Scouts return from their camps.

10. The pet shop
I used to work for a Jewish pet shop.
They were always making sure that no rabbis had accidentally hopped into my bag when I was leaving.

Other funny Jew jokes 11 – 15

11. Pigs
Why don’t Jews eat pigs?
– You can call a Jew a lot of things, but they are certainly not cannibals.

12. Time-killer
Two Jews are sitting on a bridge and killing some time. The first one dips his feet in the ocean and shouts: “It is cold! It is cold!”
The other one dips his nose and shouts: “It is also very deep!”

13. History Channel
Hitler maybe killed 6 000 000 Jews, but he really saved the History Channel.

14. Whores
Why do Jews watch porn movies in reverse?
– They really love the scene when the whore is giving the man back his money.

15. Circumcision
Why are Jewish men circumcised?
– Because Jewish women do not want to touch anything which has not got a 20% deduction.

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