Good jokes

Read some selected jokes that are really good. We have singled out 10 really good jokes of varying character for you below.

Good jokes 1-10

Number 1
The wife complains to her husband that her breasts are sagging, her skin is wrinkly and her butt is too big and asks if he can give her a compliment to cheer her up, after which he replies: “At least there’s nothing wrong with your vision!”

Number 2
A middle aged married couple were on a trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They had eaten good food, walked along the beach and were now in the hotel room and looking deep into each other’s eyes and undressing.
The wife says: “My dear beloved John, what were you thinking the first time you saw me naked?”
The husband replies: “Hmm, that I wanted to fuck you until you break and suck your breasts completely dry…”
The wife replies: “And what are you thinking now, my love?”
The husband replies again: “I did it very well that time.”

Number 3
Two inmates are sitting in prison having a conversation.
One of them asks the other: – So what are you in for?
– I have astigmatism.
– That’s nothing you can go to prison for.
– Yeah it is, my fingers are too long and my legs too short.

Number 4
A young man was at a medical checkup and the doctor was investigating if he had a hernia.
The doctor says: “I can see that you are circumcised.”
The young man replies: “No, that’s just general wear and tear!”

Number 5
A husband and his wife were trying to set up a password on their computer.
The husband entered the password “MYPENIS”, and the wife fell down on the ground laughing as an error message popped up saying “ERROR: Not long enough!”

Number 6
A man comes to work with a black eye.
His coworker asks him what happened and he says, well, I was going to teach my girlfriend to play golf.
At first she hits the ball and it disappears so I try to find it and after a long time of searching, I find it. It turned out it had gotten stuck in the ass of a cow. I thought this was so funny that I called for my girlfriend and lifted the cow’s tail and said “Doesn’t this look resemble yours?”
If only I had known that the golf ball hadn’t fallen out yet…

Number 7
Why are married women always fatter than single women?
Single women come home, see what they have in the fridge and go to bed, while married women come come, see what they have in the bed and go to the fridge.

Number 8
Talk about mixed feelings when your mother-in-law drives off a deep chasm without any chance of survival – IN YOUR NEW CAR!!!

Number 9
– You promised not to tell mom and dad about how late I got home tonight, the sister said grumpily to her little brother.
– I didn’t, he protested, I simply said it was boring to eat breakfast without you.

Number 10
One of the butt cheeks says to the other: “Shouldn’t we just try to be friends? There’s been so much shit between us.”