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Categories of jokes:

All the kids jokes: We have gathered all the kids jokes on this page. One of the largest and most popular categories, which the children will enjoy. This category with all the kids jokes is rather new in comparison with for example our blonde jokes. We are adding new jokes all the time, since they are so easy to write. This category has become very popular. If you know a good joke or if you have come up with one yourself, then you are more than welcome to contact us on this page.

Chuck Norris jokes: Who doesn't love jokes with the ass kicking Chuck Norris? Find out what happened when Chuck Norris went skydiving or what happens when he injects his blood into animals. Brighten up your day with some wonderful Chuck Norris jokes! If you are able to handle them that is?

Blonde jokes: There is no doubt that jokes about blondes are really popular. This category is meant to make fun of blondes, since people have always said that blonde women generally are stupid. This category is dedicated to giving you a good laugh by making fun of their mistakes, and the jokes are also a bit pornographic and dry.

Football jokes: Football jokes are really funny! It is about making fun of a team or a football player. We have gathered all the best we can find. Visit this category to find out how you can make fun of the opponent's team!

Coarse jokes: This category explains itself - it is coarse, and perhaps a little bit too strong for someone who might be a bit too sensitive. Only read jokes which are in categories which fit your limits.

Bold jokes: Bold jokes are, just as the coarse ones, a bit too strong for many people. Some will say that they are very funny, and other people will not understand the humor in these jokes. Everyone has a different humor, but the categories on our page have jokes for every taste!

Jokes about women: Yeees, jokes about women of course has the purpose to make fun of women, which always has been a fun thing for men to do. The same goes for the funny jokes about men, which women have come up with. We do unfortunately not have the "Jokes about men" category yet, but we will be adding it shortly!

Jew jokes: Why do Jews like to watch porn movies in reverse? What happens when two Jews are fighting over a nickel? Read all of our funny Jew jokes in this category!

Flat jokes: A category filled with flat and funny jokes, the best ones we have been able to find. However they really require that you have a flat humor!

Pickup lines: Pickup lines are extremely funny, because they are about how you can get a girl or a guy. A lot of flat and funny jokes, which might help you get laid. No, it is probably not recommendable that you use them yourself, because they will probably not work!

Jokes about waiters: A popular category, where you get to make fun of your waiter, the restaurant, the chef and at the same time the guests which do not understand what is going on.

Riddles: Do you think that you can figure them all out? Or do you just really love a challenge? Then you are going to enjoy this category. See if you are able to figure out the riddles before you read the hidden answer.

Funny quotes: A bunch of quotes, which are really funny to read.