Dry jokes

Read all the best dry jokes here. We have selected our best dry jokes for you. It is often said regarding dry jokes that they are flat, bold, vulgar or obvious. Contrary to popular belief, dry jokes often get you to smile..

Selected dry jokes 1-10

Dry joke 1
Who will win in game of chess – Bush or Osama Bin Ladin?
Bin Ladin because Bush is missing two towers.

Dry joke 2
Little Lindsay was out driving with her mom when a really big dildo suddenly slammed across the window.
Little Lindsay: ”What was that?”
Mom: ”Ehm… a really big insect”.
Little Lindsay: ”Damn it had a really big cock”.

Dry joke 3
How do you satisfy nine out of ten people?
– Gang rape.

Dry joke 4
What did one road say to the other?
– Let’s meet at the crossing!

Dry joke 5
What is the difference between a lion and a giraffe?
– The giraffe has a longer neck.

Dry joke 6
A sober man walked past a bar..

Dry joke 7
Why are fishes so ugly?
– Because they are made in water..

Dry joke 8
Why are cats so ugly?
– Because they are miss-colored.

Dry joke 9
What is the name of the king of Kongo?
– King Kong.

Dry joke 10
What kind of clothes do you make from nervous velour?
– Scared pants..

Chosen dry jokes 11-20

Dry joke 11
What did one light pole say to the other one??
– Let’s go out together!

Dry joke 12
What keeps going and never reaches its destination?
– The clock.

Dry joke 13
What is the similarity between a frying pan and a hooker?
– Both of them can get the sausage to grow.

Dry joke 14
Two cows are standing on a field and suddenly one of them says “Muuuhh!”
The other one gets disappointed and says: “Darn, I was just about to say that!”

Dry joke 15
Are Muslims allowed to watch movies with Kevin Bacon??

Dry joke 16
The girl says: “I’m cold!”
The guy responds: “Walk over to the corner, there it’s 90 degrees!”

Dry joke 17
What do blondes and a boat have in common?
– They both have seamen.

Dry joke 18
What do you call a hooker in a wheel chair?
– Four-wheel drive.

Dry joke 19
What color is the mailbox inside?
– Infrared.

Dry joke 20
– Dad, can you help me with my math?
– What can I help you with?
– I am to find the common denominator…
– What the heck, have you not found that one yet? We were also looking for that one when I was in school?!

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