All the kids jokes

All the kids jokes 1 – 10

All the kids had respect for the teacher, except for Max – he cut her with an axe.

All  the kids came out of the jungle, except for Camilla – she was raped by a gorilla.

All the kids had a good taste in music, except for Karen – she was listening to Darin.

All the kids were eating horse meat, except for Toni – this was her pony.

All the kids got sex ed in school, except for Mabel – she was on the table.

All the kids got Christmas presents, except for Rhyce – he had not been nice.

All the kids took a shit in the toilet, except for Frantz – he did it in his pants.

All the kids ran pretty far, except for little Nell – she just fell.

All the kids were nice, except for Dan – he smacked the shit out of Anne.

All the kids were able to cross the tracks safely, except for Peter – he missed by a meter.

All the kids jokes 11 – 20

All the kids were able to cross the field safely, except for Piper – she was hit by a sniper.

All the kids looked nice, except for Carol – she looked like a barrel.

All the kids got new clothes, except for Chad – he got the ones of his dad.

All the kids were sitting in the boat, except for Mark – he got eaten by a shark.

All the kids were using clubs, except for Chet – he was the target.

All the kids were waiving, except for Inger – she was pointing her finger.

All the kids were crying in church, except for Fred – he was the one who was dead.

All the kids were bright except for Bart – he wasn’t at all smart.

All the kids crossed the field by foot, except for Bryan – he was riding on a lion.

All the kids were neatly dressed except for Drew – she had only one shoe.

All the kids jokes 21 – 30

All the kids were drinking sodas, except for Angeline – she was drinking gasoline!

All the kids were having a good time, except for Joan – she was all alone.

All the kids were hitting the little boy, except for Brock – he was the one who had to block!

All the kids were running out of the burning school, except for Gwyn – she was running in.

All the kids were afraid of the teacher, except for Brock – he was throwing a rock.

All the kids were pushed except for Pat – she was too fat.

All the kids were running out of the burning school, except for Zeek – he was busy taking a leek.

All the kids were catching fish, except for Matt – he was playing with his cat!

All the kids were playing in the train, except for Zack – he was stuck on the track!

All the kids went to the school’s dentist, except for Mark – he got scared and ran away into the park.

All the kids jokes 31 – 40

All the kids wanted to see a movie in the evening, except for Bryce – he did not have any eyes!

All the kids were eating chips, except for Gretchen and Matt – they were already fat!

All the kids got tasty food, except for Pat – she had to eat a rat.

All the kids had pants, except for Jess – she was running around in her dress.

All the kids were working hard in school, except for Jule – she was playing pool.

All the kids were happy, except for Mathilde – she had gotten killed.

All the kids greeted each other, except for Jade – she was stabbing everyone with a blade!

All the kids were driving a Volvo, except for Ralf – he was driving a Golf.

All the kids were smelling good, except for Britt – she was smelling like shit!

All the kids wanted to play poker, except for Bruno – he just wanted to play Uno.

All the kids jokes 41 – 50

All the kids had money, except for Frank – he went to rob a bank.

All the kids were smelling bad, except for Theo – he was using deo.

All the kids were sleeping during the night, except for Pete – he was sleeping on the street.

All the kids had nice teeth, except for Zack – his were all black.

All the kids were drinking water, except for Doyle – he was drinking oil.

All the kids were nice to the old lady, except for Fred – he bashed her head!

All the kids wanted to play, except for Fay – she just ran away.

All the kids went in, except for Mae – she went away.

All the kids played together, except for Jake – he was playing with a snake.

All the kids were funny, except for Amalia – she was from Somalia.

All the kids jokes 51 – 60

All the kids liked the new baby, except for Adolf – he was just playing golf.

All the kids ran around like crazy, except for Carl – he was starting a brawl.

All the kids moved when the bus arrived, except for Ziv – he didn’t wanna live.

All the kids were playing in the snow, except for Charlie – he was playing with his barbie!

All the kids were doing something fun, except for Bobby – he didn’t have a hobby.

All the kids were watching the crow, except for Jarrett – he was watching the parrot.

All the kids were riding horses, except for Myrtle – she was riding a turtle.