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All the kids jokes: We have of course got a category with all the kids jokes on this page. One of the largest and most popular categories with our funniest jokes, which many children will enjoy. This category with all the kids jokes is rather new in comparison with for example blonde jokes. New jokes will be posted all the time, since they are easy to figure out yourself. If you can think of a joke that is missing then you are welcome to send it to us.

Blonde jokes: There is no doubt that blonde jokes are extremely popular. This category is meant to make fun of blondes since it has always been said that blondes often are a bit stupid. In this category we will find jokes which are about how stupid they are and at the same time the jokes are pornographic and somewhat dry.

Football jokes: Football jokes are really funny! It is about laughing at a football team or a football player. Perfect to find material on how to make fun of the opponent's team.

Coarse jokes: 
This category is self explanatory. It is coarse - and perhaps a little bit too strong for some people because they are on the border of what is ok to joke about. Only read jokes in categories you are able to handle.

Bold jokes: Bold jokes are,  just like the coarse jokes, a bit too strong for some people. Many find them really funny and other people don't find them funny at all. Everyone has a different humor and on this site there is a category for everyone!

Jokes about women: Yes, jokes about women is about making fun of women, which always has been a fun thing for men to do. The same thing can be said about the funniest jokes about men, which are appreciated by so many women. We do unfortunately not have a section with the funniest jokes about men on this page yet, but it will be added shortly!

Jew jokes: Here we have gathered our funniest jokes about Jews. Find out why Jews like to watch porn movies in reverse? Or what happens when two Jews are fighting over a nickel? Read our funniest jokes about Jews in this category.

Black jokes: Black jokes are funny jokes which use stereotypes to denote differences in appearance and living standards, as well as the historical development in the US. Some people can find this offensive, but here these jokes are meant to be just that - funny. As well as one can joke about men and women, this should also be the case here. Black jokes shall NOT be seen as a mean contribution from the author's side - Its simply meant as entertainment.

Stupid jokes: A category filled with the most stupidand ridiculous and funniest jokes there are. A whole category with funny jokes which really have no meaning. They require that you have a very dry humor!

Pickup lines: Pickup lines are very funny because they cover the topic of getting a girl or a guy. They can be funny, stupid and perhaps they can help you find a date. However, we do not recommend that you use these jokes yourselves since that probably would not work out well!

Jokes about waiters:  A popular category where you mess with waiters, restaurants, chefs and also the guests which do not understand what is going on.

Riddles: Do you think you will be able to figure them all out? Or do you just love a challenge? Then this category is for you. See if you are able to find the right answer to the riddles before you read the answers.

Funny quotes: Just a bunch of our funniest jokes!